CDGirls Network Customer Reviews/Comments

These are actual emails recieved from customers, unedited with the names removed to protect the guilty, no one could ever make this stuff up?

Just wanted to drop a little note to you. This is only my second day with my membership, and boy am I glade I signed up for the six months!!! This site is awesome! I also just placed an order for a few Cd's and DVD's. I join maybe one or two sites a year, I am very picky. I have high standards for a site to meet in order for them to get my hard earned money. Keep up the great work!

First off, I just want to RAVE about this site. I am a returning customer, and just wanted to say how great this site is. I\'m always impressed at the quality and variety of the content available. At any rate, I was wondering if it is at all possible to download the videos in the \"video clips\" section and the \"full length movies\" section. My connection is not as fast as I would like it to be (then again -- whose is?) but it would be really convenient if I can download files overnight while my PC is mostly idle and then watch them later. Also, I was wondering if there are any plans in the near future to have more asian CD girls. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thanks for the great site and great service

Oh my fucking god. This must be some kind of club or something. You dudes got all kinds of hotties playin with your dildoes. My favorite is Blair, she so damned cute. And that little pussy looks so fuckin good. Anyways, just wanted to say, keep up the good work guys, we're lovin' it!

Your Sybian videos are an absolute riot! I've never seen girls get so uncontrollably goofy, laughing and crazy

This site is incredible - These gorgeous women on the sybian are just awesome. They are natural, and clear first timers. I love masturbating women, or women getting off solo ..and this is BY FAR the best site with solo content not just quantity but *superb* quality - I can't rave enough about these girls and what them on the Sybian does to me. I haven't signed up, as my finances don't permit the luxury - I have seen clips from sources and want them all from cdgirls; if I could sign up I would, just to have immediate access to the women. I *rarely* give feedback so this is no small token of thanks. P.S. I really enjoy the early 20s ladies..but would like to see a few more mature 35+ get on the sybian. Maybe these could be marked as mature too.

MPEGS, GIRLS, ACTION, REAL STUFF!!!, your team really made good on bringing the best of the fruit to us! DAMN I saw the previews and hell that was the best orgasm stuff I have ever seen after months of searching the net for something real and worth paying for!, those girls cumming on the sybian and masturbating are the biggest erection builder for all guys out there, incredible. one of my favourites is the mpeg of the girls holding down the one girl and she shakes and wriggles as she cums and their all cheering her on, THIS IS THE BEST QUALITY SITE I`VE FOUND ON THE NET AND I`VE SEEN OVER 100 SITES NO KIDDING!!!

This is an incredible site. What is truly amazing is the sheer number of sets that you have. Other sites claim to have everything, but have 500: 120X120 pixel videos that move at about 2 frames per second. Your site is great!

Your latest offering as of March 10, 2002 is awesome! I do hope there are plans in the works to have her ride the sybian. Also, if you could please have her or any future female riders verbally announce when they are cumming it would make the experience for the viewer much more exciting. You do a great job!!! Thanks. p.s. when is the next dvd going to be available for sale? Thank again!!!!

i would just like to say that i think this is the best web site i have ever seen.and i wish you would show more of michell #2. thank you very much and keep up the great work

I think the site is absolutely superb. It's great for someone to produce a sex site that is based on offering a good product and a not a rip-off scheme. For now, I noticed that in Regina's bathroom sequence, at the end of the photos there are a couple of explicit ones showing her peeing into the loo. I cannot find the equivalent video sequence of the same - does it exist, if so where? Thanks for a great site and keep up the good work and particularly, the high standards and picture quality

This is Mike from Germany and i really !! love your site. I've been a member a couple of weeks ago and was happy about the weekly mpegs. Because of taking my hollidays i was not able to have a look onto this site. Yesterday i decided to rejoin at and saw a lot of weekly mpegs in May and June. My question: Is there any chance to get these movies? I want to see the new Sybian girls, because nowhere on earth are better girls, better movies and better everything...

I got a bone, to pick with CD Girls. For weeks i searched the net for all the "excellent" porn. Wow did i find some "excellent" stuff. And then one was a quiet day... a good any other sunny, relaxing, laidback, chill out, kickback, mediocre day.THEN I CAME ACROSS YOUR FUCKING SITE!!! I thought i had it all, seen it all, know it all. You bastards forced me to undergo a complete paradigm shift in what i defined as "excellent". And thats not all, i used to derive hours of "fun" from the fucking net. After i came across your fucking site there is nowhere else for me to go, and that's from your fucking samples alone. What's an honest man like me to do with bastards like you roaming free, messing up everything i held deer. That said, i commend you on producing a truly magnificent site, and i'm not even a member. I don't know where you get your girls from, but none of them has caused me to perform a forced shut down, consume 60 gallons of scotch and 9 months of intensive psychotherapy to wipe the memory from girls on the other sites. Again, i thank you for this Magnificent site. I guess i will have to deal with my "disappointment" in my own way

Hi, I'm a new member at CD Girls. I havn't had as much time to visit your site as I would like so please realize these are newbie-type comments. So far I'm really liking the site and just wanted to give feedback on the Quick Time movies section. Everything worked very well on my system without a single problem. I'm using Windows ME, Pentium 4 running at 1.7 GHz, 256 Megs of RAM, Leadtek DDR GeForce2 Pro 32MB video card & Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live 5.1 sound card. I hope this data is helpful and that it doesn't come too late to be of use. I havn't had a chance to see all of the girls yet. Lesbian stuff is probably my favorite. I'm familiar with Jana from elsewhere and she is really a favorite of mine. Thank you for listening.

Love the site I definatly have to say, and I am perfectly honest about this, the best site I have ever seen! Seriously you have the hottest girls who are for the most part just turned 18 and that is a definate plus. I absolutly love Skyler she's the by far the best looking girl I've seen yet on the net! You have got to get that girl on the symbian and make some MPEG's of her using it! Also I'd love to see some guy fuck her silly in a photo shot, preferably me but I doubt that you'd go for that but hey I'd be more than happy to do it! Anyway keep up the good work!

Hi There ! I figured i'd put my 2 cents worth in here.. First of all, i'd love to say Hi to all the CD Girls, and the gang that put it all together. I really enjoy the site, and i'm sure i'll enjoy it more once the girls are on chat cams...! The big thing i like about the site is that its very clean, not full of crap, and all the girls are sweet, natural, and sexy. The interviews are a great way to experience the girls personalities and sensuality. (and the free cd is great too!)I hope to see the changes in the near future, and please let me know if you ever come out with a lifetime membership ! Take care, and best of luck to all the staff at CD Girls in the new year ! WOW! If I hadn't found some of the CD girls through usenet I would never have gotten here as a member. This is without a doubt the best site on the web. I don't think I'll ever get to all the content, but lord knows I am going to try!!! Katie, Leigh, Meridian, Becky, Darlene, Isabella...Jeez, who can name a favorite? (I must admit that I already had almost a gigabyte of Silvia's "work.") I think I am heavy on Y-chromosome (no gay tendencies or thoughts ever). But these women are so beautiful that I'd suck their daddies' dicks just to spend the night with any one of them. Needless to say, I am a VERY satisfied customer. Thanks to the proprietor(s) and the ladies

I've never written into a sex site before... but this site has such incredible video, it takes internet porn to an all new level!

Congratulations on a great site. I must admit, your site is the first site that I've finally been willing to pay for. Excellent work indeed!