About CDGirls

The CDGIRLS story of Success

CDGirls was incorporated in 1998 as an adult internet company with the goal of providing high-quality adult oriented products using emerging technologies. At the time of incorporation customer service in the adult internet industry was virtually non-existent; the owners felt that a strong company could be developed utilizing the idea that the product would be good and the customer would be the main focus. By focusing on the goal of making customer service the primary concern, the company has grown to be one of the premier adult content producers in the world, with a wide base of repeat customers. All of the systems necessary for the company, such as servers for our websites, our billing systems and all customer service aspects are handled by CDGirls staff so that customers remain our number one focus.

Our Studio

Located in Las Vegas our studio is like no other. We have built it for one thing only, to make the girls as comfortable as possible. Using high tech remote equipment we are able to use up to four separate cameras and four microphones. This enables us to only have only two people run the shoots instead of 6 to 8. With a small number of people on set it makes it easier for the first time models to relax and have fun.

cdgirls studio